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Supporting Our Veterans

and Their Families

Fred Weaver - Order of Saint John, is a Director and ex-serviceman who served in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He is a veteran of the Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo. He has served all over the world including five years in South East Asia working for the British Military. Fred has experience of all the physical and mental difficulties that can arise when servicemen leave the military and uses his experience to help others.

Chrissy Sawyer - is a Counsellor, Director and Facilitator. Daughter and Granddaughter of the Army, Chrissy brings a wealth of lived experience plus a unique skill set. Over more than a decade, she has learned that at the roots of anxiety, dep-ression, trauma and PTSD lies Moral Injury.

"It's the sorrow of loss that lies beneath the passion of rage."

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Jo Diaz - is a Director who brings 10 years experience working within the prison service. Jo works with dynamic and challenging behaviour and, because of this, her instincts and intuition are sharp enough to make her uncannily accurate at reading others. Jo is currently working towards a Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and, last but not least, she makes awesome cakes for the tribe!!

Steve White is a Director and served with the 17th/21st Lancers in the 1970s in BAOR and Northern Ireland.


He will be there to listen and advise from the position of a recovering PTSD sufferer. Steve (and the other Directors) recently completed his Advocacy Foundation Training and with a willing ear and a helping hand, he is trained to support you on your journey into balance.

"What you seek is seeking you."


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